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Press F to enable full screen - game works better this way.

It's a unique simulator game with many game mechanics you probably haven't seen before: 

  • Fully animated sex scenes using Live2D
  • Customize the bot to your liking with new parts
  • Survival aspects which alter how your character perceives the world
  • A fully functioning stock market simulation
  • Dynamic in-game stream simulator
  • Many easter eggs and minigames
  • Customisable clothes
  • Modding support
  • Much more to come

The game wasn't really designed to be played on android, but a couple of people asked for an android port, so we decided to build it for android as well, so the buttons will be a bit small and annoying. Sorry! We highly recommend playing on windows, mac or linux instead.

In the dystopian future year of 2025 the sexbot market boomed. Their numbers quickly surpassed the entire motor vehicle industry, and a golden age of peace seemed closer than ever before. Alas, a month later, an international scandal between the United States and China resulted in a world wide ban on sexbots. Life would never be the same.

Countrywide riots ensued, countless militias and terrorist groups formed, most notably the Benign Bionist Coalition and the Incontinent Cell, both fighting for control over what remains of the sexbots. Once a widely available item, the few remaining sexbots can now only be seen in the deepest corners of the dark web black market. These days it’s technically impossible to get one in good shape as all the sexbot factories were burned to the ground following the ban.
You are a young Anon living in a ghetto. Once again you are left penniless after losing a job. One night you see a military truck swerve and nearly crash in front of your apartment. Some of its cargo falls out and into a nearby ditch, and the truck drives off. You decide to investigate. As you get closer, the mystery cargo takes shape.
It's a sexbot.
Will anon sell the sexbot and life a long and happy life? Will he be able to pay his rent or will he die, freezing to death in the lonely streets of a megacity? Your actions will decide it all.

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If you are looking for the mods: Mods approved by the developers are posted in the #mod-releases channel on our discord

Logo created by Szymon Furjan.


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My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend - Windows 556 MB
Version 0.87.8
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend - Android 320 MB
Version 0.87.8
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend - Linux 558 MB
Version 0.87.8
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend - Mac 560 MB
Version 0.87.8

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