0.60 Beta Release Patchnotes

Here comes a new update!

It adds quite a lot of stuff. Hope you enjoy it!


New features:

-Android version!

-Streaming mechanics overhaul

-New website “cocktwitch.ic”

-A lot of customisation features

-A new sex scene

-Extended the main story

-New side story

-More dialogues with the bot

-A couple of unique random events

-You can now kiss the bot(Although it’s kind of shitty.)


-You now cum approximately two times faster.

-Putting it in and pulling it out is now easier!

Major Bug fixes: 

-Fixed a bug where eating food would empty your balls.

-Fixed a bug that made it impossible to cum if you had a good pc.

Small changes:

-Some of the UI now fades in nicely instead of just appearing

-Other minor UI changes

-Added ladyparts.ic shortcut

-Improving performance

-Increased number of save slots from 6 to 13


My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.60 beta - windows.rar 73 MB
Apr 14, 2021
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.60 beta - linux.rar 74 MB
Apr 14, 2021
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.60 beta - android apk 115 MB
Apr 14, 2021

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Thank you to the developer for developing the Android version of the game. I happen to be an Android phone user. Thank you to the developer.




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