0.61 Beta Release Patchnotes

This is a small update consisting mainly of bugfixes.


Small changes:

-Some hidden things...

-Items in the part shop change more often.

-Changed sleep a bit.

-A couple of buttons now are easier to click on android. I’m looking at you, browser button!

Major Bug fixes:

-Game will now save faster. Stocks do not use as much memory!

-Fixed a bug where doggy style would attract less viewers.

Other minor bug fixes


My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.61 beta - windows.zip 79 MB
Apr 20, 2021
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.61 beta - android.apk 115 MB
Apr 20, 2021
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.61 beta - linux.zip 81 MB
Apr 20, 2021

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Damn, this is an amazing game. I love it, can't wait for future updates. I would love some moaning effects.

I have one question in general about the last update...what the fuck is cockwatch.ic for? It looks like those scam "free sex games" you find online. Please explain?

"cockwatch.ic"? Do you mean "cocktwitch.ic" It's the website you are streaming on. You can see the leaderboard as well as some other stats about streaming there.


Ah, alright. Sorry for the misunderstanding with the website name, I read it as "cockeatch" but thanks for clearing that up for me. Keep up with t the good work. On a different note, I'm only curious but do you plan on implanting Voice acting? I'm just curious. Anyway, keep up the good work and have a great day/night 😊

Voice acting, huuh? Most likely not. At least not in the near future.

Well if not voice acting what about moaning sounds during sex? I know you're fucking a robot but even a high level sex bot should be able to moan. Just an idea.


More sounds effect are on the way. Most likely next update.