0.69 update announcement!

Big news for fans of My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend! We've got a new artist! I mean we had a new artist for like a month already, but I didn't post about it here just yet. Next update will change a lot if it comes to visuals, but that's not all. The new visuals will allow us to add a lot of new features for example, opening the mouth as you can see on this screenshot. All scenes will be reworked, so it's going to take some time, but we're doing our best to finish this update as soon as we can.

If you'd like to see more art from our new artist feel free the check out his twitter.

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Can't wait untill the next release

As the newer devlog says. 24th of August is the release date!

did the update get canceled

Nope. It just requires a lot of work. We are slowly nearing the completion though.

Would it be too much to ask for the game translated into Spanish? ',:3

When I started working on the game I didn't prepare for translating it, so the code and the way it's made isn't really prepared to be translated. I would say once we finish the game we might translate it, but not while it's still being worked on, so not anytime soon.


This game is so cute! I follow your project since version 0.51 beta and I loved it even with all its imperfections. Now you can see a huge improvement with every new version release, keep up the good work! The new art looks awesome I'm looking forwad for the new release and I can't wait to see a new piece of the story!

Buy low sell high!!

Can you make cheat for money pls cause it's hard to collect money to buy part

(1 edit) (+1)

There already is one type "iamacheater" or "Iamacheater" into the browser(I don't remember which one, but one of these should work.)



The atmosphere, the scenes and the humor its why this game has a very especial place in my heart and well, balls?.

Anyway, keep up this excellent work, cant wait for the update!.

PD: "Welcome to the cum zone, only cu-"


wow maybe this will be a good new start, big update, new visuals

besides that, can you add another character or make the character have the option to change / decorate the room?

can't wait for new update soon....



We plan to add more side characters. If it comes to the room. I know the artist wants to change the way room looks, but right now that's not very high priority.


it's okay i understand, you have a lot to do for the next big update

i really enjoy your game, keep up the spirit

*i'm sorry if my english is a little messy

I'm so looking forward to this new update! Just asking but will this include an audio update (like moaning and sex sounds or VO) or is that planned for a future update?



I'd say most likely this update.

awesome 😎! Can't wait!

looking forward to this updat

Sounds sweet, I'm super excited for this next update

dude that is nuts, a big upgrade, looking forward for the next update, cheers from you brazilian follower!.

also: any plans to bring it to steam? 


Yeah, there are plans, but first we want to make the game a bit more polished. Maybe after this update. We will see.