0.75 Beta Release Patchnotes

Version of 0.75 is finally released to public!

Now with clothes and mod support!



-New shop "Clothier" and a new character with it "Lady Annalie"

-Plain t-shirt

-Plain panties

-Plain bra

-Plain stockings

-Cute bow

-Stripped panties

-Pleated skirt

-Lingerie stockings

-Lingerie bra

-Lingerie panties

-You can remove clothes during scenes(Useful for pesky clothes blocking the way!)

Big changes:

-Mods!(This was a LOOOT of work) currently mostly for making new clothes and consumable items, but will be expanded in future updates.

Small changes:

-You can now start the stream from the cocktwitch website.

-Events now activate instantly once you enter the room not after a minute in the room has passed.

-Things should now work faster.

-You can delete saves and add notes to them.

-You can export and load saves to/from file.

-Information on when you have to pay the rent in left upper corner.

-Mental health will be slightly more forgiving.

-Cat ears no long take the color of your hair. You can set them to any color you want.

-You can choose colors from default palettes in hypercamo items.

-Quality only shows for items that use it.

-Church story line will now always unlock. Even if you delay the event where you unlock it.

-New item: Hypercamo cat ears

-New item: Pixel glasses

-New dialogues

-New events

Bug fixes:

-Fixed a bug on android that would make the screen stretch on not 16x9 phones

-Fixed a bug that caused money to freak out at higher values.

-Fixed some things being dependent on number of frames.(Could find this bug thanks to a new faster PC!)

-Fixed some typos.

-Fixed some characters like "♥" not drawing properly

-Many smaller bugfixes

Hotfix changelog:

Small changes:

-You can change sensitivity in options.

-It's now a bit easier to put it inside and pull out.

-Button allowing to reset all game data in options.

-Made Annalie fade out instead of disappearing.

Bug fixes:

-Made a safety measure for a bug happening when the path to the game is too long. Now game will tell you if the path is too long and close instead of dying after prologue.

-Fixed a bug that made it necessary to double click on bot on android.

-Fixed a bug that made food unlock on the 4th day instead of 2nd day.

-Fixed a bug causing cum leaking outside animation to be too fast.

-Fixed some typos. 


My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.75 - android 168 MB
Jan 07, 2022
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.75 - mac 110 MB
Jan 07, 2022
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.75 - windows 110 MB
Jan 07, 2022
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.75 - linux 112 MB
Jan 07, 2022

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short heads up. I headpatted her and dialogue (specific: why these clothes - good for stream/ personally liked) and it softlocked me into the upper question cuz I couldnt see or at least move it from that postition.

if you pull a tab out you can force the cursor over whair your option is in the background tab (the game) and win you click back into the game it selects the choice you wer hovering over

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Awesome update, but slows down the game on Android. I went from 60 frames on 0.69 to like 20 now. Playing on a Mi 10 T pro.

I also couldn't update the game so I ended up reinstalling it.


Sadly clothes do increase complexity. Although my 80$ phone is able to run it smoothly, so that's kind of weird.


it's kinda difficult to change the remove button to hand again at stream scene. 


I’ve noticed that too but I just move bot as far left as possible when doing that instead of just keeping her in the middle or right. Though remove should totally be a separate button on the right hand side in my opinion.


How long does it take for other clothes to appear in the clothes shop after the shirts and panties

how do i get the clothes store? im on day 29 and nothing is happening

Talk to bot more and go outside at around 13

nothing seems to be happening, my only option with the bot is small talk and its the same stuff over and over.


when do you meet the clothier?


Around 8th day if you talk to the bot enough. 

Fo some reason it didnt want to update, no matter how much space i free, had to uninstall, imon android

I dont mind starting again anyway

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Can't say why honestly. Worked on my phone, since we are indie devs we don't have enough resources to check many configurations.

Edit: Perhaps you didn't have enough space.

Still have over 4 gb free on external storage set as main storage, 2gb free on internal, HUAWEI MEDIAPAD T5 AGS2-W19 

I had the problem too. The only way I could “fix” it if you want to call it that is to delete the game and just install the new version. Probably another way to save your progress but that’s the one I foun

Yeah, same with mine. I have over 2 GBs of space and it says Update not Installed.

Aye, couldnt find the saves either, even after making a copy of game main directory before uninstalling, have to start again but i dont mind

Are you able to move your save file from .69 to .75? 

It should automatically use saves from 0.69, but it depends on the platform. It definitely works on windows, probably on android and haven't tested others.

Wait it does? 

Now that you say that I prb should of opened the game first before asking lol. (your game is amazing btw)

hey how do i unlock the clothing store?

It unlocks around the 8th day if you talk to the bot enough.


Mines not installing, -_-. Android galaxy a71. I'll just use windows for now. :) looking fwd to future mods.

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I'm playing in the android version and it is quite "laging" all the options take quite some time to procced, could be my phone or it is the new version?.

Please help, i really enjoy this game

Moto e5 plus, 6gb ram, 16Hd

Edit: it's working now, i just reinstall the game and play on widescreen.

Well the game is getting bigger, so if previous version worked fine it's the games fault otherwise it's phones fault.

I will wait for new updates, thank you for the excellent game.

Thank you for the help already fix the problem.

A big update omg


At this point I'm already satisfied with this but I know there's still more things to come...


Epic update