You can play My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend in the browser now!

We've added an in browser version of the game to our website. We still recommend the downloadable version, but this one should work just as well. If you want to export your saves to the downloadable version you are free to do so using the "To file" button in save menu of the game.

Good luck with your headpats!


My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.75.2 - webgl 68 MB
Jan 14, 2022

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Alright once you fix some of the loading issues maybe you could add some customization to your room or some extra utility items that unlock new positions or interactions during fun time. Some examples might be a fuck machine or hand cuffs. Of course there’s a problem with using just a fuck machine because you’ll get less donations or some other annoying thing. I’d love to add some small customization for the room

I also would like to see a new quest line to see if you can move into a better apartment or improve the living conditions around you (room customization?) as you get filthy rich

I could go on with how to balance all this out but, I’d like to know if anyone is even reading this


Is anyone else having a problem with getting on the browser versio

I don't know if this will help, but you can give it a try, just know that I figure this out by myself and don't know if this will work on other computers.

 So I use a retired School Chromebook laptop, and that has its own learning curve, the browser is Google Chrome.

 Anyway, if you haven't play previously on the game before, (or you just delete all you cache cookies) and the game will start, and you can play the game with no problems, but when you come back to the game and it will not run, and your browser "says is not responding or something" you may have a cache problem like me. 

 This way of fixing the problem will delete your game progress if you don't have the game save download, somewhere other than your cache, What I do is I delete in my cache cookies, but I leave alone, if you don't know where your Cache is on your computer just type cache in your-computer's-start-search-bar (not the browser).

I hope this helps.


It gives me this screen when I try to play it

Did you see this message before it stopped responding? 

Just note that you will have to delete everytime you want to play the game on your browser, and if you don't see in your cache, just start up the game, it might run but if it doesn't, just delete again in your Cache and it should hopefully work for you.

When I want to start up the game, I do what I do in my previous comment and then I wait a minute, to a minute & half for the game to load and I make sure I don't have anything running in the background, or change tab while waiting, I just wait patiently. 

I'm no tech engineer, just saying.