0.80.2 b Update: Android crashes fix and Chrome OS!

Have you been experiencing crashes on android! Not anymore with the 0.80.2 b update!

Changelog(Android only):

  • Game will use a bit less ram now
  • Fixed crashes
  • Added chrome os to target architectures? Any Chrome OS chads in the chat?


My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.80.2 b - Android 208 MB
Jun 08, 2022

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a question the original version of the game is v0.85.69

Sadly I'm still experiencing crashes


How do I get the robot to the clothing store?


After fix crash to android my android start crashing (Nice)

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Still Crash in My device (Sadly)

yay robussy Android hunters are happy

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Why android version still 0.75.2?

It's not. I left the old version for people who have issues with the new one.


I honestly like how he immediately fixed the crash. This service is premium

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Funny enough before this update I was having this issue until I cleared the cache from my apps and deleted a few I wasn't using anymore.

Still wont start, just black screen for seconds and then back to home screen

That's caused by not enough ram on your device. Try killing the apps in the background.


What would be the minimum recommended? Mine device is 3gb ram and no other app was running