Halloween special update release date announcement!

We've just finished the newest game update 0.85.69. It's a special Halloween update. The update will be released to the public on the 31st of October.

If you can't wait that long it's already available for our patrons with "Early access to game releases" on Patreon and Subscribestar.

New things:

  • New Halloween storyline. Decorate your room and go trick or treating with the bot.(Only available within 10 days before and after Halloween in real life)
  • If game crashes during loading it will remember that next time you launch it and ask you if you want to turn off mods.
  • Added a better error while trying to load mods as equipment sets.
  • Mods now will be inside of game's folder on Windows and Linux. This also fixed a weird bug that caused mods to appear in the root of the drive.
  • Tweaked conditions for some clothes to make them easier to get.
  • Languages are now sorted by their name in English
  • You no longer have to wait for 8 hours between going outside with the bot.
  • Tweaked blowjob's animation a bit.
  • Changed number of save slots from 36 to 40.

New Room Decorations:

  • Pumpkin Mat
  • Spider Plush
  • Bat Banner
  • Ghost Decoration

New Items:

  • Pointy ears, Hypercamo pointy ears
  • Bell choker
  • Tiny wizard hat
  • Pumkpin hairpin
  • Septum piercing
  • Septum pincher piercing
  • Striped socks


  • Fixed a couple of typos.
  • Fixed a bug that caused rich text to display inproperly in dialogue. For example custom clothing color in Annalie's custom orders.
  • Added GC.Collect() into Application.lowMemory event. Might help with crashes related to game running out of ram on android.
  • Fixed a bug that caused left arm to appear in the blowjob scene even if it wasn't equipped.


  • Added new drawables for modding "ModdableBack"(All models) and "ModdableBackLower"(Interaction model only). These two drawables cover the entire area behind the bot.

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Спасибо за обновку! А останутся ли детали, одежда и декорации после праздника?

Does anybody want my file save :3? if so dm meh on twitter or email meeee          email: lilmuffin44@outlook.com    twitter: shybunnyfemboy                       my save have all the bot parts and a bunch of munz :3


It would be amazing if you guys added another view for the doggystyle or a pov, but so far its a very good game.


a pov doggystyle would be epic


we need a foot jobbbbb o//w//o


i really liked the portuguese translation, man you deserve a big kiss on the ass... sorry for the joke i'm brazilian so i really liked the translation into my language.

Glad you enjoyed it. No need to kiss my ass though.

era uma piada, desculpa eu sou ruim com piadas


Will this event be rerunned every Halloween, or it's just a unic event to make your funs happy from 10 to 20 days?

If yes, will you add more holidays like Christmas or Happy Valentine's day?


Yes. Perhaps yes.


This is a pretty neat update, I love when games add halloween or christmas themed stuff.

Btw, are we gonna be able to keep the new items after the 10 days irl, or are they gone forever? And if so, what happens if my bot has some of those items equipped?


The items will stay after the event.

Let's gooooooo

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hey, i believe i got banned on your discord server, a bot took over my account a while ago and it apparently posted a link in it with a few other servers, i got it back a while ago, so could you perhaps unban me


Where I live, there's no concept of Halloween, but I love Halloween costumes, and I enjoy watching kids on TV wearing all kinds of weird costumes, and some really cute costumes. The robot's elf ears are so cute that hopefully it will have the option to keep them once Halloween is over.

Great game keep it up


Hey, will you add a possibility to legally rewrite some languages? I know both Russian and Ukrainian, and they are kinda suck.

For example: main heroe often is "She" and bot is "He"

I think if you'll allow your fans to fix some bugs they will do it at the first week for free)

Translations are done by fans. Join our discord and write you want to help with the translation in the #i-want-to-help-with-the-game channel.

Thank you! I'll do it when I'll have time 

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Wow so many things will apear! I'll be waiting for it!

Thank you very much for your hard work! You're making virgins like me happy)))

Also I would like to thank you for mods feature! I think some games really need this feature to not be abandoned between updates.

Sorry, this is a little tradition:

"Первый нах!"