How to access the new Halloween event!

I've just identified a bug in the Halloween update. To access the new event you need to set your device's time back a couple of days. For example to the 29th. 

Other requirements for this event are:

-Finishing most of the dialogue while visiting clothier solo and buying a lot of clothes

-Met Annalie with bot

-MentalHealth > 20%

-Day above 15

-Bot likes you

-Hour in game 7 to 20

-10 days before or after Halloween in real life

Dialogues are random, so it might not appear on the first click. After this you will get two halloween decorations.(They appear in items->other) Try to put one on and you will get a second dialogue that activates the Halloween event.

Sorry for the inconvenience...

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well! I am a player from China. I have been paying close attention to this game and your developments since you just released it. I like your game very much. At the same time, I also want to provide my suggestions. This is the third time I have typed this article. I hope I can add a robot girlfriend who has not worked with me for a long time, and then when I go to bed at night, the robot girlfriend will force me to do it so that I can be worthy of being a sex robot. The other one is to work outside, otherwise it's too boring to work at home all the time. These two functions I hope


I agree


I agree


A couple of Questions:

1. What constitutes all of Annalie's Dialogue?

2. Is there a way to measure how much the Bot loves the player?

3. I noticed that I managed to get a heart eyed expression that only disappears with an Ahegao during the Coom Anim while having "naughty-time" with the bot. Is there a good way to efficiently replicate this state repeatedly?


3. To get the bot into that state, assuming it is what I think, you need to not have "naughty-time" with them for 48 hours or something like that. There should be a special talk option that appears at least once.
Additionally you can trigger heart eyes during "naughty-time" by chaining "Coom Anims" quickly enough but they are brief that way as the anim clears them. You can also trigger Ahegao without starting with heart eyes by chaining even faster, may need to put some work into getting your character able to manage that.

As for 1. and 2. I don't know specifically ingame. You might be able to check the save for 2, but I don't know where they are or where in the save that information would be.

Thanks for the assist, friend.

can you get the clothes on the web version

Please let the nun come back,I hope the nun can will come back,also work in the church and interact with them.😭

How much would a lot of clothes be? When the "loyalty program" line appears is it enough?


game makers need to stop linking an event with the devices time, espeically if its not an easter egg but event people would want to play

Oh man, I got some really shit... Once I loaded a save file I got stucked in instalock. My balls is exploding every single time I load my save... 

Man I can't understand why did I saved with no problems...

I just don't have any other saves

load, and instantly start fucking the bot

Ok, I'll try. I hope I'm quick enough to cum in 0.1 second)))))

Fuck the message about my balls apear instantly right after the info "Save file loaded"

Where do i get the new ears


I'm a player from China. It's my honor to play your game. It's very well made. If you haven't found anyone who can translate Chinese, I think I can do simple translation work. I'm a senior high school student, and I know English to a certain extent. Maybe I can correct some translation mistakes so that the Chinese translation can read normall!

Deleted 71 days ago


Deleted 86 days ago






如果可以的话,我也打算进去,想尝试润色一下中文,加入一些中文互联网上的梗之类的 :)

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What do I have to do for the sexbot to like me?

Or bringt it with to annalie


start screen is 200% zoomed in and can’t change to get to load screen or anything other than start , which also goes to a screen also zoomed making the game unplayable on Mac . No updates before where like this if that helps ? 


Press F -> change resolution 

Wow so simple a fix . Thanks . In my defence I had no idea XD