0.69 Beta Release Patchnotes

Version of 0.69 is finally released! Enjoy the game and big changelog that's below!


An important note. Because of changes to saving system and save itself saves from previous update will NOT be compatible with this one.

Biggest changes:

-Completely new art for the bot. (She looks super cute now!)

Big changes:

-Reworked interaction scene.

-Reworked missionary scene.

-Reworked doggy scene.

-More dialogues with the bot.

-You can now also select what you want to talk about instead of getting a random one.

-Bot now has emotions.

-You can now kiss the bot. Everywhere. (yes even there)

-Food and hunger rework.

-New place outside: Food dispenser

-New events and endings related to hunger.

-New events and endings related to mental health.

-You can now throw away items and throwing illegal items might cause “fun”.

-Also a small storyline related to this.

-New website: Casino(Slots and blackjack minigames)

-New work minigame.

-Nicer GUI!

-Streaming has been buffed.

Small changes:

-Cum now doesn't instantly disappear once you end the fuck scene and bot can comment on it.

-Tooltips appear once you hover over status bar elements.

-Couple new small websites.

-More comments and news.

-You can now equip hair using the “equip” button.

-Equipped items now have an effect on the viewership.

-Common items now stack and you can buy them in bulk.

-More items you can buy in the pharmacy.

-One new bot part.

-Some info for the completionists in the main menu.

-Credits in main menu.

-Increased number of save slots to 36.

-Email shortcut and unread email indicator in pc.

-Bot will now greet you when you start interacting

-Fucking now has sounds.

-More easter eggs.

Bug fixes:

-Fixed a bug that caused you to metabolise food faster if your balls are bigger.

-Fixed a bug that caused you to be able to fuck with a flacid cock, which made it look like you had an invisible ghost cock.

-Many other bug fixes I forgot


My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.69 beta - android 141 MB
Aug 23, 2021
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.69 beta - windows 140 MB
Aug 23, 2021
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.69 beta - mac 87 MB
Aug 23, 2021
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.69 beta - linux 90 MB
Aug 23, 2021

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*the internal screams of agony can be heard for mile*
*continues to click...*
*internal screaming intensifies*

congrats i've played the game for less then 30 seconds and you've already managed to trigger my inner techie XD

When will the new version be released?

Question: Is the church storyline still in the game?

does not work on mac (m1 monterey 12.0.1)

is there any more dialogue after bot reach the horny limit if i stay to not fuck her?

There are some dialogues that happen when you don't fuck her.

oooh,is there any special event for it? i got the first dialogue at second day, and the second dialogue maybe around fift day (where she already reach the horny limit), it reminds me with "teaching feeling" game, where it has longing event, maybe you could make one for the future too? like at certain condition and time when the mc sleep, then the event triggers, i think longing event is kinda interesting in my opinion, anyway this game is great, good luck for improving this game :)


are you ever gonna make cum act like a liquid. Aka show the womb full or overflowing


can the bot have dick?



for hair is that reffering to new styles of hair or just the color of the same hair?

Different colors for now.

how to incrase the bar with brain icon?

Since anon can increase the amount of cum,  give more details related to the amout of cum inside and outside, like the womb and belly expasions after certain amount of cum (this may need special modules or body part, and may damage the robot if not used), automatic creampie or overflow of cum after cumming a lot inside.

I like where that is going, maybe some project in the future

What time for streaming


Greetings, Incontinent Cell.

I gotta say, this game is great. I've spent 2 days gathering all the endings (might've lost sleep >.>;) and loved every bit of it. Its a beautifully crafted game with cute characters, great comedic (and otherwise) writing, and a world full of detail! 

I love what you all have done and cant wait to see more! 

  -With high hopes,ThePlayfulFox


I don't know if anyone recognizes your work, but holy shit, this is amazing, congratulations Incontinent Cell, your work is amazing. Your project even being simple and minimalist is very beautiful and made with love, I feel soul in this project, congratulations to those involved.

This is the best game in history, but it would be great if you could extend it a bit and add some more position for fucking.

Another thing is how the game ends when you are very rich.


Blackjack ftw, New Art is great but i hate the new mind stat reducing events, too many too quickly and no real way to increase the stat quickly. Thanks for the update!

(1 edit)


Therre actualy is a way, all you have to do is progress the game and somwhere around day 15-20 you will get a call from your therapist and he will prescribe you medication that will heal 50% of the mind stat.

edit: you will be able to buy the medicine in bulk at the pharmacy.


is there gonna be a futa (dick) attachment for the bot in the futere


I have a few suggestions. I really hope you're gonna add clothes that you can purchase for the bot, and also it would be cool if there was a mode where it changes the bot to a human. Also more "positions" would be cool


Clothes are planned, more positions too, but they require a lot more work.

I tested almost all the changes, very good! keep up the good work, the new art for the bot is pretty good and the animation is very nice too. 

 i dont know if you will or not change it later, but in the killer lady event you should make a full bodyed bot a requirement for the bot to defend MC. I know that wen it came to the game she did not have removed body parts but is a nice touch and would incorage you to buy parts.

Be safe and good luck!


Yeah I guess that could be done although it would make the game harder. Just imagine she is jumping using the sheer power of her abs.

Yeah makes sense, I like it hard tough, at that point of the game I was already millionaire. Stocks.io is a little bit broken to farm money. But is pretty good as it is.

Im sorry if this srems dumb but how do you increase sanity? I made the pc work and that lowered it and then the neiber getting killed dropped it to none. I dont know how to increase his mentsl health.

Check out the FAQ thread. It's explained there.


This is such a nicely made game, respect. I'd really like to see an option for changing booba size (like through equipping diff. parts), that would be niiiiiiice. Thank you for such a well-made game either way <3


Thanks! Changing booba size is planned!

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