0.75 update announcement

New big announcement for the My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend fans. Update 0.75 will release in about two weeks around 8th of January. If you can't wait that long it's already available for our patrons with "Early access to game releases" on Patreon and Subscribestar. New features include clothes and modding support which will allow you to easily make your own clothes, but full changelog is included below. 



-New shop "Clothier" and a new character with it "Lady Annalie"

-Plain t-shirt

-Plain panties

-Plain bra

-Plain stockings

-Cute bow

-Stripped panties

-Pleated skirt

-Lingerie stockings

-Lingerie bra

-Lingerie panties

-You can remove clothes during scenes(Useful for pesky clothes blocking the way!)

Big changes:

-Mods!(This was a LOOOT of work) currently mostly for making new clothes and consumable items, but will be expanded in future updates.

Small changes:

-You can now start the stream from the cocktwitch website.

-Events now activate instantly once you enter the room not after a minute in the room has passed.

-Things should now work faster.

-You can delete saves and add notes to them.

-You can export and load saves to/from file.

-Information on when you have to pay the rent in left upper corner.

-Mental health will be slightly more forgiving.

-Cat ears no long take the color of your hair. You can set them to any color you want.

-You can choose colors from default palettes in hypercamo items.

-Quality only shows for items that use it.

-Church story line will now always unlock. Even if you delay the event where you unlock it.

-New item: Hypercamo cat ears

-New item: Pixel glasses

-New dialogues

-New events

Bug fixes:

-Fixed a bug on android that would make the screen stretch on not 16x9 phones

-Fixed a bug that caused money to freak out at higher values.

-Fixed some things being dependent on number of frames.(Could find this bug thanks to a new faster PC!)

-Fixed some typos.

-Fixed some characters like "♥" not drawing properly

-Many smaller bugfixes

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Will there be a sorting system for items? I'm having trouble finding different robot parts and clothing types even in the sub menus.

Perhaps, perhaps.

can I offer a suggestion of adding newer female characters that anon can have sex with? and possibly have a point where the sex bot can find out and be mad about it.

I don't really like the idea of fucking other characters (feels kinda incorrect for this game) but I do like the idea of the bot showing more emotion like jealousy



i don´t know why but i can´t see the clothes i the clothes shop and i cant see the robo parts in ladyparts.ic help me please

i got the same problem, need help too

some clothings need to be "open" before using, like stockings. In the items, search for them and open, then you can use.


 The game has some kind of specific atmosphere, which is difficult for me to describe in words. A kind of "calming sweetness": it's hard for me to remove a smile from my face. Awesome job!

 A small question: is it planned (sometime in the future) to add the ability to control some of the android functions? For example: block an orgasm to tease her a little? Just imagine the possible cute reactions.

This game fuels my lust to buy an android IRL


Are you planning on adding foot jobs in a future update :) been loving the game so far I find alot of my time I just give her headpats cuz the robot model is super cute


any chance of adding a blowjob position? 


Yes, but not this update.

pls add Indonesian I really like this game

how do you get mental health back up? just had a bad ending from it

Check out the FAQ thread.

@cyberspaceer18… lots of walks.


Love the game! 

id love to see the bot roam the apartment after you give them legs, I feel like that would make a more wholesome addition. like the bot just sitting on the floor watching the tv something like that. :)

can't wait for the new update!

any chance that save files from 0.69 will be loaded in the 0.75 update?


Yes. Saves from 0.69 work with 0.75

I how do i get her to talk the only thing that gets me alot of money is the streams idk if i'm doing something wrong.


can i suggest more minigames and stuff to do on the computer? lot of potential, but there isnt much to do at the moment.

wow this is great! Really appreciate your work, dev. Thanks for the update!

i can´t wait for january 8 iwant to know how use the modding clothes option

and developer you know you aree making a artwork

i want to say it I LOVE YOUR GAME 

and I recognize your work

I played this early on patreon and i have got to say this in an amazing update, love the clothing options!


Hey,dev just a problem with your game like screen goes crazy and when i steam the place where it shows the text like what i am doing or what am i touching is bugged cauz when it shows it never gose back and one after another the text overlapes,any idea why?

Nope, no idea.

(1 edit)

i some what fixed the problem somehow even idk but the game runs fine LOL

and i request can you add like a toung like if we place it she can talk more friendly and she can even moan while having sex?

Moans are planned, but not yet implemented.

I have a request you can add more poses and 
that she can suck it 
for you would be great 
(I say if you want;)

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

That's the plan!

Yoss can't wait for January

THIS is what we were waiting for.

Can't wait to test it

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