0.80 Beta Release Patchnotes

0.80.2 version of the game has just been released to the public!

Have fun!

0.80 changelog:

  • You can go outside with the bot now.
  • About 70 pages of new events, dialogue etc. mostly related to going outside.
  • More dialogues with the bot!
  • New ending related to balls exploding!
  • New ending related to bot being found!
  • New fancy logo.
  • New fancy menu.
  • New better ahegao face.
  • New art for Shanice(The nun)
  • You can now headpat during missionary.
  • Quality names reworked.
  • Items with lower quality now have visible scratches etc. 
  • New fancy equipment screen:
    • Save equipment sets and share them with people.
    • Inspect bot's details.
  • Multicolor items:
    • Hair now no longer needs two hypercamo hair modules.
    • You can change each eye's iris/pupil and sclera color separately.
    • You can change cat ear fluff, outside color separately.
  • New item: Sharp teeth
  • New item: Sneakers
  • New item: Plain sneakers
  • New item: High-tech Hypercamo Skin
  • New item: Long socks
  • Items now have tiny icons!
  • Slowmode for streaming, so you can enjoy comments even when you have a looot of followers.
  • Better kissing and better headpats!
  • You can order custom clothing in clothier shop.
  • -Room has been reworked!
  • Light during sex scenes is affected by time.
  • More comments
  • More donations
  • More news

Not interesting changes:

  • New font for gui!
  • Changed unity 2019 to unity 2020. Might fix some bugs and cause others.
  • Changed textures from 4k to 2k. Might make it work on older android phones?
  • If you try to end fricking while your cock is still inside of the bot, a popup will tell you to pull out first instead of the button just disappearing. (People thought they can only finish frick by dying.)
  • Cumming no longer lets go of cock, so you can quickly get back to fucking afterwards!
  • Saving a game on a slot with a note won't make it disappear anymore.
  • You can reorder items by grabbing and dropping them.
  • Game will ask you if you really want to close it now.
  • On android you can click back button to go back sometimes. For example you can close the browser. (A lot of people struggled with this)
  • Tweaked stocks a bit!
  • Save file exported from the game is no longer encrypted!
  • Nice loading screen for webgl and a little loading screen in all versions.
  • Better performance in general(maybe)!
  • Better performance during streaming with a lot of viewers.
  • Better balance?

Modding changes:

  • Completely new system for items. Allowing items with multiple layers.
  • Shoulder no longer disappears in doggy after you put on a shirt!
  • New advanced mod generation menu(Will have to write a tutorial for it...)
  • Most of the old mods will not work, because of the new system! 


  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to do doggy with just right leg.
  • Fixed lingerie panties only appearing white.
  • Fixed a bug that caused time to move during story events in pc
  • Fixed a bug that caused you not to die after overdosing on endurance drug.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes make mouse disappear if bot started talking while you were hovering mouse over her head.
  • Popup asking if you really want to delete your save now has "Yes" "No" instead of just "Ok" ⊙﹏⊙
  • Fixed disappearing cursor on Linux. (By disabling custom cursors, sorry Linux users...)
  • Fixed scrolling in item lists
  • Fixed a bug that caused clicking "F" to change full screen while input field was active

0.80.2 changelog:

  • Tweaked colors a bit so skin matches arm and leg better.
  • Fixed a bug that caused streaming with slow mode to have less donations.
  • Probably fixed a bug that caused hand to be stuck in headpat if bot started talking during headpats!


My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.80.2 - WebGL.zip 78 MB
Jun 01, 2022
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.80.2 - Windows 121 MB
Jun 01, 2022
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.80.2 - Android 191 MB
Jun 01, 2022
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.80.2 - Mac 130 MB
Jun 01, 2022
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.80.2 - Linux 135 MB
Jun 01, 2022

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Been trying to find a way to redo the church since i got the bad ending but don't wanna start all over again anyone know how?

Cant play the game at all unfortunately wont load past the main menu keeps crashing for me wanted to download an older version to see if i could play that way but all the older versions of the game i cant download cause they dont exist anywhere cant findem this kinda sucks cause i really wanted to play but cant

(1 edit)

Man I wish I could still play this, I just started playing the .69 beta ver a few days ago (from having downloaded it last year 😅) definitely enjoying it.

Saw there was an update, and grabbed the android ver first. Some great progress, but honestly I think it'd be nice to have the option to play the game in portrait mode if you're gonna consider using it for nsfw at all.

Sadly can't play the new version on my Mac. Aside from the "damage" app thing the terminal command option didn't seem to work, as it just crashes.

*Edit ...damn did I really post this on the patch notes post and not the main page... 😑 I have the dumb 🤦‍♂️

I really love this game, it's always nice to see high effort nsfw games. It already feels like there's a lot of polish, this is really impressive! 

Any chance Anon could get a lamp for his room, though?? 

keep up the good work!


'kay, so how do i bring the bot outside?

(1 edit)

Genuinly love where this is going, obviously for fun smut but also just the quality and idea of it all.

I mean, its pretty fuckin amazing as is anyway.

One thing that rubs me the wrong way occasionally is that the protagonist is kind of a dick sometimes. Like when she gets both legs for the first time and he just kinda shuts down her beimg happy about it, stuff like that. Regardless, this is just super charming and im looking forward to whatever you hot planned. 

(3 edits) (+10)

idk man is it me or the Anon's old room was better? it's too empty now, the new one feels a little "uncomforting" for me at the very least (the new features are good props to that).

what if we mix Anon's room's old background with the tweaks of the new design? (bot being visible in the room for eq and other stuff)

also i noticed she doesn't say the things she used to say after waking up and/or after fricking (would be epic if those are gonna be back in the next update) but holy moly the new ahegao face is amazing.

i've never left alot of suggestions or comments on patch notes for other games but your game is just one of those i've seen this kind of effort and dedication, i don't want it to end up like other "Erotic" games, it has a charm to it that other games don't, it provides an experience other games didn't for me. it has LOTS of potential and i don't wanna see it get wasted so i'll post suggestions on the suggestion tab and post comments on the patch notes.

thank you for being the goat (short for greatest of all time) i've been waiting for.


I can agree to this, where are those old lines after she said after "certain" activities? There was alot more personality and character from the bot during version 0.75, and for some reason 0.80 seems to take a bit of it away. 

Also the bot used to closed its eye if you prolong a kissing animation, now she just stares at you awkwardly. 


Fr, The bot gives more emotions when you kiss her and she closes her eyes. Felt romantic.

(2 edits)

I got the worst ending for the church sidequest, I would like to redo them somehow without needing to restart the entire game. I tried going into AppData\LocalLow\IncontentCell to find the save files to edit the priest and nun values based off another post made a year ago on this game. I cannot find the Assets\Resources\Saves to do this however. Please help since I really do like where this game is headed. 

This is the Developer's reply on that particular post for referencing:

"Hmmm you can but it won't be that easy. Open save file, It is in the "Assets" folder and then do the following.

First step - Change two variables  "priestBotPoints" and "nunPoints"  in the save file to 0.

Second -  in the flags variable remove all flags with the word "church" followed by something. Leave the flag "church" though.

Also remember that there are multiple save slots, so you might haver to find the right one in the file.

After this you should be able to try again."

let me know if I am looking at the wrong file location.

In the new update when you export the save using the "To file" it's not encrypted, so it has all saves in plain text there.

(1 edit)

So then I assume the method to reset the church sidequest is the same?
I am having a bit of trouble with the second steps regarding the "church", do I change the "LastWentToChurchAt\" value to 0?

Thanks for the speedy reply.

LastWentToChurchAt is only used to make you able to go to church only every 12 hours (If I remember the number correctly), so it's not necessary.


Damn why android ver keep crash i wish the dev fix it


I feel you man.

Damn I thought I was the only one


I mean, thats not a GENERAL android issue, for me it has not crashed even once. 

If you give out more info, like your version, android version and potentially phone model, the dev might be able to do something.

Just going 'devs fix it' aint helpin.

i cannot express how happy i am for this new update! keep'em comin chief!

Happiness, joy, bliss even!



have to start from beginning again with new update?


how do you carry over then? Just download new version and it will automatically carry over?

Check the FAQ for 0.80

yes, just select load game on the menu screen and you will see all your save(s).


Besides, you should rest. I'm worried.

(1 edit) (+1)

WOWWWWWWWW!!! I really love this update Next update, would have ,blowjob. thanks in advance i love you

heyya i don't know if it's a bug or i simply missed a step. but i somehow can't find some of the clothing product. so far i'm seeing plain stuff (undies and shirt) and the newly added stuff (sneaker etc) i can't find the skirt and the bow tie which i'm assuming is necessary to access the new outside content. i have restarted the game and re-installing the game. please tell me if there's a missing step that i forgot to take or maybe some decision blocking me from getting it. thanks.

To go outside with a bot you need to speak with lady from clothing store about it (just keep coming to the store for a while and she will ask about your girlfriend). Bow tie isn't necessery in order to go outside, but a skirt is, I hope you can get it if you keep coming there, I know no particular way to find it, sorry. After going to clothing store for a while, if you buy a lot of clothes, you will get access to premium program where you could get any piece of clothing you want.

i have come and buy cloth multiple time. and every time i bought her entire stock. maybe it happen because of that? maybe i shouldn't just come and yell "shut up and take my money" also may i ask at what day can you access the premium program

I dont think premium program is linked to a day. I think it might be linked to amount you spend at her store, and maybe whether or not you come there with Jun. It happened around day 18 for me. Not sure what happened with the skirt for you, it could be a bug, or you're just very unlucky. I hope you can get it soon


hey, thanks for responding to me and keep trying to help me, i ended up re installing the game and delete all my data, and it's works. even though i lost all my progress, well you win some you lose some. anyway once again thank you for your time

you're welcome

I don't want to be anoying but I still cant figure out how to go out with Jun, also I'm on day 37 if that is important to it if it is time restricted like some things. thank you kindley


To go outside you need to talk to the girl from clothing store. At some point she will ask you to come with your girlfriend, and you could talk about it with Jun. It happened around day 15 to me. I think you need high tech hypercame skin for it, but Im not sure.

thank you i'll try these


I was having the same problem as you, but I fixed it by unequipping everything from the bot and sleeping 16 hours. Then I put her limbs and clothes back on and when I talked to her again, I had the option to talk about going outside. I'm not sure if waiting actually helps but that's what I did so hope this works for you!

it may help, thank you


Android ver keeps crashing.

how to cheat

in browser simply type 'iamacheater' (without .ic)


when can we expect a blowjob scene if ever?

Really excited that the new veesion came out sooner then expected, but everytime I start the new game (Android version) the game crashes, and I'm going crazy because I can't play it, please let me know if it just me and my phone. 

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