0.85 Update Released!

Update 0.85 has been released to the public! 

Read the changelog down below and enjoy the new update.

Changelog 0.85

  • Biggest:
    • Blowjob
    • Localization (Game has 23 languages now. Most of them are machine translated though.)
  • Big:
    • Play old maid with the bot!
    • Optimized memory usage: Game uses about half the amount of ram it used to use. (Tested on windows)
    • 50 pages of new story including:
      • Going on dates with bot(Currently 6 unique dates)
      • Try finding out what happened to Shanice(In church's bad ending) with the help of a smelly friend!
      • Two new bad ends!
      • Couple smaller things
      • New event related to the mysterious email from a terrorist organisation(?)
      • Get harassed by the police
    • New OST with 20+ new songs.
  • Medium:
    • New sprites for:
      • Bigdaddyhurt
      • Hobo
      • Policeman
      • Policewoman
    • Significantly optimized dynamically drawing textures for the bot. Now instead of redrawing all of them it only redraws ones that changed. This causes:
      • Lag when equipping something or changing color is smaller.
      • Switching between scenes is faster and smoother as it doesn't redraw textures between them.
      • Slightly smaller ram memory usage.
    • New item: Heart choker
    • New item: Heart glasses
    • New item: Eyeshadow
    • New item: Goth eye makeup 
  • Small:
    • You can restore bot's equipment back to how it was before frick after frick.
    • You can now delete emails
    • Shops will now have more items in stock
    • Shops will be less randomly annoying(If a certain item hasn't been in a shop for a while it has a bigger chance of appearing)
    • New items now appear at the top of the item list instead of at the bottom in inventory
    • You can sort items in a couple of ways in the inventory now
    • All references to the current year have been replaced by current year irl + 1
    • To file and from file buttons are now only in the main menu because people misinterpreted how they work
    • You can now buy and sell 500 stocks instead of 250 at once
    • New drug "Death grip" makes it harder to cum 
    • You can now throw out items from the equipment screen
    • You can now open packages in the equipment screen
    • Item name endings with color of the item now are the color they describe.
    • Changed default color patterns old ones start with "Old"
    • Stains from cumming outside are no longer binary(on or off) and use transparency for values in between.
    • Anon got a bed in his room!
    • Added a little animation when you go to sleep
    • Casino got new sprites for cards and some animations
    • Hypercamo flesh now allows you to set colors separately for mouth, nipples and vagina.
    • Made it a bit easier to trigger dialogue unlocking going out with the bot
    • You can toggle in options if game will run or stop running in the background
    • Being flacid now is very negative for stream viewership 
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed a bug that locked out you of the church for a day if you came during a wrong time
    • Fixed a bug that caused bot not to close her eyes during kissing
    • Fixed a bug where one background didn't fill the entire screen
    • Fixed a bug that caused the bot to stop reacting after certain events.
    • Fixed a bug that caused bot not to greet you when she was happy.
    • Fixed software design oversight in the way user interface works(This kind of thing that nobody cares about, but I need to spend hours using 100% of my brain to make it work right) anyway it:
      • Fixes a bug that allowed player to close the browser during events. 
      • Fixes a bug that caused "Are you sure you want to exit the game?" popup to appear under current story text or story menu.
      • Makes UI a bit more maintainable. It will be easier to add new things! 
    • Fixed a bug that made shirt have a hole if you didn't have the right arm on during doggy.
  • Modding:
    • Fixed bug in advanced mod creator that caused layer joining reset layer to 0.
    • Fixed a bug in advanced mod created that caused editing mod to modify the textures instead of copying them.
    • New drawables which allow modders to create hairstyles bigger than the current hairstyle! - "ModdableHairBack" and "ModdableHairFront"
    • Neck drawable has been expanded.
    • New drawable which allows to add things above the face, but below the hair for example: piercings, glasses - "ModdableFace" 


My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.85.1 - Windows 225 MB
Oct 15, 2022
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.85.1 - Android 296 MB
Oct 15, 2022
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.85.1 - Mac 231 MB
Oct 15, 2022
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.85.1 - Linux 227 MB
Oct 15, 2022
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.85.1 - WebGL 209 MB
Oct 15, 2022

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sex with shop girl (? unu


It's so good, but I wish I could do it with the girl who sells clothes 3p


threeway please

Deleted 77 days ago

Idk. Install tinder or something. Not gonna give you relationship advice.

sorting items and blowjob, what else could I wish for. Thx a lot, give it a try


we need pants/shorts!, great work by the way!

(1 edit) (+1)(-6)

Will there ever be an option to play as a female protagonist? You know for those who want some girl on girl action? Also the ability to play as a lesbian would make perfect sense in the games setting! Imagine this: The landlord comes to collect his rent and the character (Being a Punk) starts mouthing off to him like Chloe Price. The landlord does his very best to maintain his temper because this is the future and talking back to women in the future is a hate crime. But he soon snaps and ends up calling her politically incorrect names. Right when he relies what he said, the protagonist would rip him a new one about "checking his privilege" and threatening to call the cops for hate speech. The landlord apologizes and lowers the rent by half with smile so he doesn't go to jail. I noticed there's a lot of south park style social commentary in this game and I figured this would be an awesome idea.


big futa cocks when?



how long do you have to wait to get the blow job option

if i had to guess it would probably be after you buy her arms

i actually can get her to do it with one leg and no arms



Comments literally blow up after an update is released... I'm rather impressed.


The fricking soundtrack goes hard i love it

Thank you! 

You and every one helping on the development of this game are awesome!


i only ever get bras t-shirts sneakers and long socks

how do i get skirts/leg wear to show up in the shop

Love the game. Was really hopeful this update would let it run on my sadly dated samsung android tablet, but unfortunately it keeps crashing before the first scene even starts. Maybe the next update will do it...


i love this game so much i want to support you but i got no money im really sorry

hey love your game but right now it not working for Mac i read you note and it is still not working keep saying it is damaged and cannot be run"and i'm sad i guess we'll have to wait until the next update

You must've not run the command properly. That command fixes this issue. Make sure you put in a correct path of the game.

(2 edits)

yes your right i did sorry my mistake sorry it works now 

what command did you use? im confused and don't know much about my Mac

xattr -cr then drag the game and then press enter


You said we could find out what happems to shanice after the bad end, but(if i recall)here is no bad end,there are: true,oblivious, worst,happy and another i forgot

Worst = bad end

I can't find a skirt for sale. There never is one for me!


i love me a good robot gf

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